About Me

A serial entrepreneur with a track record of successful startups, business strategy/execution and exits (5 for 5). Robert now helps entrepreneurs avoid seemingly innocent mistakes that create obstacles to their exit. He is also known for the popular LinkedIn video series, what’s Not On My Resume.

Robert somehow married an angel, Anne-Marie, and is the father of 8 children (4 girls and 4 boys) and one grandchild (boy). Robert’s kids will attest that he is the biggest tease on Earth. Robert enjoys connecting with others and has no fear of speaking to anyone about anything (something he got from his father).

Robert has lived in North America, South America, and Europe. He loves languages and cultures and speaks English (although his friends in the UK would say American), Spanish, and Italian fluently and some French. He looks forward to living abroad once again and possibly learning Japanese or Mandarin Chinese.

Robert loves movies… movies of all kinds. In fact, when asked if he’s read the latest book on whatever, he will jokingly respond “No, I don’t want to spoil the movie.” He co- wrote, produced, directed, and edited a 60-min documentary on teen drug abuse to help protect parents and their children from the dangers of pills.

Robert’s latest cycling adventure was to train for and race the LoToJa Classic (one-day, 206 miles, 10k vertical climb, 1,000+ cyclists) with his son, Andrew. The pair ended on the podium placing 2nd. Andrew is the only one of 5 at-risk children to inherit the HD gene that will cut his life short as it did his first mother when he was a little boy.